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Our General Aims are to:

  • Raise awareness of the causes of conflict on a local, national and international level;

  • Promote and support alternative solutions to war between and within states; and

  • Work for a socially just and peaceful world.

  • Broaden public discussion and analysis of the causes of war and injustice including:

  • Current national and international issues

  • The social, political and economic effects of globalisation and “western foreign policy” on the world.


Our Specific Objectives are to

mobilise people to influence Australian Government policy (regardless of political party) in relation to:

  • Australia’s role, independence and responsibilities in the Australia, New Zealand and US  (ANZUS) alliance

  • How economic and social legislation that impoverishes and alienates people contributes to the circumstances in which conflict and war are created

We invite you to join us today and contribute your ideas, energy and enthusiasm in creating a more just and peaceful world.

In 2013, Just Peace joined together with over 50 other oragisationas around Australia to establish the Independent and Peaceful Australia Network (IPAN). 

Find out more about IPAN here.

Youth Voice Workshops

In 2019, UNAAQ has joined with Just Peace QLD to hold an annual full day workshop for 40 to 60 Brisbane high school students to learn more about the UN Sustainable Development Goals and connections between these goals, as well as developing their own voice on the issues underlying the SDGs (SDG 16 & SDG13)


In 2018 the workshop centred on nuclear disarmament and the Treaty on the Prohibition on Nuclear Weapons.On the morning of the 16th August, four student Ambassadors took the stage of Molly and Len Draney theatre at Marist College. They were welcoming high-school fellow students, and gathering together to learn, debate and express their opinions on the topic of nuclear disarmament.


Expert speakers addressed the pros and cons whether the Australian Government should join 122 other countries in signing the Treaty. The session was wrapped up with a Q&A followed by students moving into a workshop where a wide variety of experts were involved to offer students creative means to raise their voices. Each student was engaged in one of six workshops, which were: dance & theatre, game development, street art, video editing, words & rhythm, and special effects.


The closing ceremony was crowned by a two-minute “pitch” from each workshop to present the ideas created on the day. The messages of “we are stronger together” and a collective advocacy for nuclear disarmament and for Australia to sign the TPNW were embedded in all the closing presentations.


In August 2019 a similarly organised workshop attracted 45 students from 7 schools, and addressed two SDGs – on Peace and on Action on Climate Change. Again speakers from a range of different perspectives talked about what was involved in these two issues, as well as the links between the two goals. Students participated in dance & theatre, video, music, art, poetry and computer games workshops. They presented their collective and individual efforts in 2 minute pitches to the assembled teacher and parents.


UNAAQ, Just Peace QLD, ICAN, and UN Global Citizens Leadership Schools would like to thank the students who have attended these workshops, and invites schools to get involved in the 2020 workshop focusing on climate change, peace and care for land being held in May 2020.


For more details, please contact Ross Gwyther email: or phone +61 408782983.

You are invited to use the resources below on your website and Facebook,

- they include 4 minute and 30 second videos of the day's activities

as well as reports for each workshop:

                                                                                 Report on the 2018 Workshop

Latest and upcoming

Just Peace Activities...

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Just Peace is a Brisbane-based organisation whose aim is to raise public awareness about alternatives to war and the necessity of justice in achieving lasting peace. It was formed by a group of ordinary citizens who were concerned with the direction the Australian Government was taking with a heavy reliance on following the US militaristic path.


Just Peace works to exchange information, promote dialogue, organise events and develop publications that seek to clarify the peace issues we face as a national and international community. We also offer support and fellowship to those who face the destructive effects of war and injustice.


Just Peace stands as both a group of locally active individuals and as a proud member of the global peace movement. We come from all walks of life, all ages and all political persuasions. Our one commonality is our commitment to a safe, just and peaceful world.

Calendar of Events 2020

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